Hyunggyu Park                 

Address School of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul 130-722, Korea.
Phone +82-2-958-3823 (office), +82-2-958-3805 (secretary)
Fax +82-2-958-3786  or +82-2-958-3831
E-mail hgpark@kias.re.kr
WWW http://chris.kias.re.kr/

1988. 8. Department of Physics, University of Washington (Ph.D)
1979. 2. Department of Physics, Seoul National University (BS)
1972-75 Kyung-gi High School
1969-72 Young-rak Middle School
1963-69 Deok-soo Elementary School

2008- 2009 Vice President of KIAS
2007 Dean of Faculty at KIAS
2006-2008 Chair of Statistical Physics Division of the Korean Physical Society
2005-2006 Chair of Physics School, KIAS
2003-2006 Steering Committee Member of KIAS
2002- Professor of Physics, Korea Insitute for Advanced Study (KIAS)
1999-2001 Chair of Physics Department, Inha University
1998-99 Visiting Scientist, University of Washington
1992-2002 Professor of Physics, Inha University
1990-92 Research Associate, Boston University
1988-90 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Carnegie-Mellon University

Research interests
  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • Finite size scaling and conformal field theory
  • Quasicrystals and incommensurate systems
  • Chemical reactions and crystal growth models
  • Generic scaling invariance and critical phenomena in nonequilibrium systems
  • Science of complexity and living systems
  • Nonequilibrium phase transitions with absorbing states
  • Self-organized criticality
  • Constrained random walks and localization problems
  • Phase synchronization and frequency entrainment
  • Reaction diffusion systems in low dimensions
  • Traffic flows
  • Networks
  • Ratchet models